Holidays 2008




Stephanie and Anthony Barbara and Joe Albanese Joe's trains
Barbara, Joe and Linda Joe's Trains House lights
Our Tree Santa was very good Emily, Mike and Rick decorating the tree
Emily and Mike decorating the tree Rick decorating the tree Emily decorating the tree Mike putting on his ornaments
Mike and Emily Christmas breakfast Mom, Emily and Linda Emily and Mike
Linda, Emily, Mike and Mom Linda, Emily, Mike, Mom and Rich Linda, Emily, Mike, Mom, Rick
All of us on Christmas morning Looking for the pickle ornament Resting Christmas afternoon Christa and Stephanie at Carmine's
Stepahnie and Anthony at Carmine's Pat and Dick at Carmine's Sara and Rick at Carmine's
Joan (Sara's mom) and Sara at Carmine's Rick and Rich Linda, Rick, Sara, and Joan Linda, Rick, Sara, Joan and Rich
Sara and Joan Sara and Rick Linda and Rich Rick, Linda and Rich